What to do if my baby bangs his head

What to do if my baby bangs his head…

Unfortunately as soon as babies become the slightest bit mobile, bangs, trips, falls and slips are part of everyday life until they finally find their balance.
As parents we spend a lot of time kissing bangs and cuts better. The scariest of these is a bump on the head and even though it may only have looked like a little bang, or maybe there was very little crying or only a small bit of bruising; as parents we need to be safe rather than sorry.

What are the warning the signs of a serious bang on the head?
  • Disorientation, drowsiness
  • Unusual breathing while sleeping
  • Crossed eyes or unequal pupils
  • Vomiting
  • Paleness
  • Seizure or fit

After a fall babies usually want to sleep, the shock can tire babies out quickly. It is okay to let a baby sleep after a small bump for example a fall while practising walking or bump on the head from furniture but if your baby falls any sort of distance – rolls off the bed or a changing table, trips down the stairs, is involved in any kind of collision, it is best to bring your child to your GP straight away.

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It is important to keep an eye on your child over the next couple days after a fall and your GP may recommend waking your child up every two to three hours as a preventative measure just to make sure your child responds properly.

If your child is alert when you wake him (as alert as a child woken up during a nap can be) it usually means there is no serious damage like bleeding on the brain. However, if your child does not seem like himself, is overly groggy, trust your instincts and call your GP or go straight to A&E.

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