8 things no one told you about raising a boy

8 things no one told you about raising a boy

If you’re a mother, and you have a girl, you can usually fall back on your own childhood memories to guide you through your parenting. But unless you grew up with a brother, there is a good chance that some of the things about raising a boy can take you by surprise.

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Raising a boy:

1). Boys don’t stop moving. From the moment they come bouncing into your bed at 5:30 in the morning until they pass out at bedtime, boys go. Sometimes it seems like they have only two speeds — fast and faster.

2). Clothes shopping will be easy. Girls wardrobes can be full of loads of different clothes, in different colours, but not boys. Trousers, shoes, and t-shirts. Done. And they will still look completely adorable.

3). His fascination with his penis will start sooner than you think. Once boys figure out it’s there, it will be everything you can do to keep his hands from drifting down every spare second he has. But hey, that’s just boys!

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4). They are not very gentle. Boys are very physical, they like to jump off furniture, roll on their siblings, and body tackle people around them. Usually it is just how they connect and express love and affection, so don’t worry.

5). You might end up in the emergency room. Boys and adventures resulting in stitches seem to go hand in hand. Even the most conscientious parent can’t predict the kinds of trouble little boys can find themselves in.

6). Pee will be everywhere. Everywhere. On the floor. Behind the toilet. On the wall. All over the seat that they neglected to lift up.

7). You’ll learn not to compare your son to girls. Girls often reach milestones earlier and excel at many essential school skills like reading and sitting still.

8) They’re just goofy. Boy humor can be extra goofy and the toilet humor starts as soon as they can talk.

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