9 Reasons Netflix Is Your Best Companion When You Are Sick

We are in the midst of cold and flu season. Whether you are already sick, starting to feel sick, or feeling healthy as ever Netflix should be your number one companion this weekend.

Curl up with a cup of tea, a blanket, and Netflix. You’ll feel better in no time at all.

9 Reasons Why Netflix Is Your Best Companion When You Are Sick

1. It doesn’t require your full attention

If you want to check your phone or close your eyes for a few minutes and just listen along you can.

2. You only need your eyes (or ears) to enjoy

If your whole body is sore you can lay there without moving a muscle and still enjoy your favourite show.

3. It’s only there when you want it to be

When you want to go to bed for the night you simply turn it off. You control the length of time you spend together. It’s the best companion you could ask for!

4. It keeps you occupied

It’s easy to get distracted and end up watching Netflix for 6 hours straight. It’s mindless entertainment that will help speed up your recovery time.

5. It makes you feel productive

Instead of sleeping your day away you are finishing an entire season of a show and that’s pretty impressive.

6. It can’t see you

Netflix can’t see or judge you for laying on the couch in your grubby Pjs next to a mountain of used tissues and cups of tea.

7. It will never tell you to get out of bed

Netflix actually encourages you to keep watching! After every episode they give you the option in the lower right corner to go right to the next episode. Netflix even suggests new shows and movies it knows you will love next. Talk about a great friend!

8. It respects you

If you want to get out of bed and go get more snacks, or take a shower Netflix is OK with that. It will be patiently awaiting your return.

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9. It doesn’t judge your choice of movies and TV shows

Whether its all eight seasons of Charmed, Grace and Frankie, or Daredevil Netflix doesn’t care WHAT you’re watching, as long as you are watching.

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