8 things no one told you about raising a girl

8 things no one told you about raising a girl

If you’re a mother, you might think that, hey, you were a girl once, this raising little girls thing should be easy! And while you might have the upper hand (slightly), you will still be surprised about what little girls can be like.

And if you’re a father, well start taking notes!

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Raising a girl:

1). You’ll buy her stuff she doesn’t need. Feathered hair bands, polka dotted tights, socks that look like ballet shoes. I remember these from my own childhood, but I don’t actually ever remember using any of them…

2). She may be girlier than you are. Despite your best efforts to create a gender neutral play room, she could genuinely just adore pink princesses. Although saying that she could be way less girlier than you are. Just let her do her own thing.

3).  Her desire to borrow your heels, jewels, handbags and more will start as soon as she can walk and talk, and will only grow from there.

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4). Everything starts early. All kids are different, but girls seem to reach the major developmental milestones before similarly aged boys. Rolling over, sitting up, blowing kisses, clapping hands, potty training, reading. So you’ll learn not to compare boys and girls.

5). You will reminisce about your own childhood when you get to read her books like The Beauty and The Beast and Alice in Wonderland. And if you’ve never read them before, what better excuse?

6).  She’ll likely go through an “I’m only wearing dresses” phase. Or a “I’m never wearing dresses” phase. Just roll with it.

7). Ever watch the TV show Hoarder Next Door? Well your daughter will turn into the hoarder in the next bedroom. Pine cones, rubber bands, hair thingies, erasers, flower petals, bottle caps, sea glass, stray buttons.

8). You’ll fight over her hair constantly. It’s in her eyes. It needs a trim. You like it up, she likes it down. And I still remember the fights with my own mother about brushing my hair….

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