8 Signs you could be ready for baby number two

If we were all millionaires, didn’t have to work, or could afford childcare, having lots of children we’re sure would be at the forefront of many couples agendas. But now there is a whole lot to take into account before adding to your family, however, sometimes there is no time like the present. Here are eight clear signs you are ready and willing for baby number two.

1) When after a lot of pestering you’re partner finally agrees to have another!
2) When you start to pack away your toddlers clothes because they have outgrown everything from their baby days
3) When your toddler is nappy free, this is a sign your toddler is becoming more independent and doesn’t need mum and dads help with everything, freeing up more time for another very dependent baby!
4) When you catch yourself constantly cooing over other peoples babies
5) When you watch ‘One born every minute,’ every spare minute you have
6) When your first born begins to harass you so bad for a sibling you feel guilty
7) When you are consumed with thoughts of babies and would do anything to bottle up the smell of other peoples babies to take home
8) When you move house and finally have room to add to your brood

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Originally posted 2015-07-06 14:58:44.