7 ways to keep baby safe in the sun

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The sun is at it’s hottest between 10am and 4pm, but burning can occur at any stage of the day from Ultra Violet rays, even when it’s cloudy. So if you’re abroad or it’s hot at home, follow these tips to make sure your little one is fully protected from the sun at all times of the day wherever you are.


Any baby under 6 months should be totally kept out of any direct sunlight and be dressed in protective clothing, but for babies over 6 months, make sure they are protected with at least an SPF factor 30 sunscreen that is 100% UV protective, and applied at least 15 minutes before heading out into the sun. Make sure the sunscreen you are using is ‘broad spectrum’, meaning that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVB is most likely to cause sun burn, while UVA can cause damage deeper in the skin.

Keep baby in shade

Keep baby in the shade as much as you can when outside in hot sunlight. Sun umbrellas on holidays and visors on buggies and prams to protect them and shade them from the rays while out for a stroll.

Dress baby in protective clothing

Dressing your baby in all over swimsuits that cover their legs and arms as well as their torsos is the best option. Light clothing is better for protecting them from the sun as light colours reflect the heat, whereas darker colours absorb it. A hat is an absolute must for a baby in hot weather, so make sure to invest in a good sun hat for baby, preferably with a neck flap to protect the back of their necks as well as their heads and with a broad rim to shade their foreheads and faces. It’s also advised to put a pair of baby sunglasses that have 100% UV protection on your baby as well to protect their eyes if they will keep them on. If they won’t, make sure the hat shades their eyes also.

Re apply sunscreen throughout the day

Re apply your baby’s sunscreen every two hours, even if they have not been in water, as it can wear away. Make sure to always re apply baby’s sunscreen after a dip in the pool once you have towelled them dry. The water will wash away the sunscreen and it’s best to re apply as soon as possible after a dip.

Give baby liquids often

Offer baby liquids frequently throughout the day to keep them hydrated. Water should be avoided for babies under 6 months, however formula and breastmilk are perfect ways to keep baby hydrated. If they’re older and refusing liquids offer them food that is high in water content, such as fresh fruits to get them to keep hydrated that way.

Control temperatures

Make sure car temperatures, room temperatures and pool temperatures are not too hot or too cold for baby when travelling in the sun or going for a dip in the pool. Keep curtains closed, blinds shut and windows open if it’s safe to do so during the day so when you return the room will be at a cool temperature for baby to sleep in. If baby falls asleep in his pram, keep an eye on him, as prams can soon become hot and airless.

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