Seven things only parents know

Parenting… it is a constant learning experience, and is probably the definition of ‘learning on the job’.

As the weeks and months pass you begin to pick up some universal truths that you know every other parent understands. You now share in a collective conscious of things only parents know.

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The universal truths

1). You will discover an uncanny ability to be patient at 3 am. And 5am. And 6am. And… you get the picture.

2). Your kids will break something important at some point. Kids break things, it is almost hard-wired into them and occasionally, that thing might be important and expensive.

3). Your clothes, favourite top included, will eventually get some sort of spit up on them. It is inevitable.

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4). You will appreciate your own parents 10 times more. And you will finally agree with your mother about something you spent years fighting with her during your teenage ‘angst’ phase.

5). You will truly accept that body fluids are just a part of life. As is getting dirty. You might even start to embrace it.

6). You will witness your children making some questionable decisions. Crayons up the nose anyone?

7). Sometimes things will be hard, but nothing will every trump the wonderful experiences you have with your kids!

Things only parents know…and the list just gets bigger with time!

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Originally posted 2017-03-28 10:18:16.