6 parents who are having a worse day than you

Raising children is not always sunshine and happy faces… sometimes you are going to have to deal with the bad parts as well. However, luckily for us, the good times always* make the tough times worth it.

But we can help you for those tough times when things are just not going your way. The next time you are cleaning crayon off your walls, remember to think about the joy you feel watching them grow.

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Or you could count your lucky stars that you are none of these parents! (For today anyway!)

*should/sometimes worse day

Still cute, luckily.

Still cute, luckily

Face painting – kids’ style! worse day

Face painting, kids style

Painting the carpet blue is tiring work

Painting can be hard work

Ultimate Dad Face

We would cry too

Nope, this is the Ultimate Dad Face!

Poor Dad!

Puppy colouring! (Poor dog!)

A dog of a different colour

Got a parenting disaster you’d like to get off your chest? Share it with us!


Originally posted 2015-02-02 12:33:46.