5 life lessons your grandparents taught you

5 life lessons your grandparents taught you

Grandparents do a lot for you as you grow, whether you realise it or not. The life lessons they teach you are invaluable,  so we have gathered the 5 most important lessons they teach you throughout your life.

Appreciate the small things:

Your grandparents may have lived through turbulent periods in history, and because of this, they had to learn to make do with what was in front of them. They knew the art of appreciating the small things, and lived life in the current moment. Boredom wasn’t an option, they made use of what they had, and because of this taught you to feel lucky for what is around you.

Face to face communication:

In a world where constant communication has prevailed, we have become very removed from the simple things in life around us. We’ve all heard the ‘when I was young’ story from our grandparents, but there is truth to their tales. In a time when smart phones didn’t exist, and emailing and texting was not an option, face to face communication was the only way of talking to someone, and placed value on a more personal form of communication.

Take family photos and make an album:

Who else scoured through old family photo albums when they visited their grandparents? It’s the one thing that comes to mind when we think of visits to their house, looking back at memories and pictures of your family when they were young. There’s something about a printed photo that seems timeless, and being able to collect and keep them in an album provides you with a lifetime of memories, things you can look back on when you are their age.

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Whether it’s eating dinner at the table together every evening or gathering together for family Sunday lunches, having family days, or putting up the Christmas tree together every year, your grandparents most likely started the family traditions that you have come to know, love and seek comfort in today. Keeping these family rituals alive builds strong, unbreakable bonds.

The importance of family:

Family comes first, and no one knows that better than your grandparents. They help your parents out, babysat you as a kid, and still look after you and put you first long into your adulthood. They are the heads of the family, and because of them you have become the person you are today.

If you have a grandparent who you’d like to recognise and thank for their hard work, care, love and dedication to the family, nominate them for the  Grandparent of the Year at the 2017 Boots Maternity & Infant awards here.
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