5 fun ideas for a cheap family night

5 fun ideas for a cheap family night:

During the week, things can get hectic. Mums and dads are at work, minding the kids and organizing things, kids are at school or at crèche and people are generally running past each other barely getting the time to talk.
That’s why we’re listing for you ways to reconnect as a family, just once a week, to spend some quality time together. It can be as simple as sitting down to a movie once baby and kids are fed, having a games night or going on a day trip on the weekends, be it to the zoo, the park, the beach or just a walk!

1. Have an indoor camping night:

This can be a very fun experiment for your little ones. They will delight in the silliness of sleeping in a tent inside, while you will delight at their happiness and laugh together as a couple getting down with your inner child! Make smores in the oven by cooking marshmallows, use flashlights to read stories in the dim lit tent, sleep in sleeping bags and pretend you’re in the wild outdoors!

2. Have a games night:

Be it  Twister, Charades or a board game, game nights are one of the easiest ways to have fun as a family. Working together in teams will promote bonding that may have gone amiss during the week, and will leave everyone entertained and laughing.

3. Create your own home cinema:

Probably one of the easiest ways to get the whole family to sit down and spend some time together is by gathering them all on the couch to watch a movie. Have a theme for your movie night; Christmas, comedy, musical, Disney and sit down to two of your favourtes. Make popcorn and have some hot chocolate, you could even bake some snacks beforehand to share during the film. Turn the lights off and enjoy the movie like you were actually in a cinema. A great way for parents and kids to spend time together, as well as for parents to enjoy each others company while the kiddies are quiet!

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4. Obstacle course:

This can be so much fun! Set up an obstacle course in your garden consisting of benches or tables to climb under, hoola hoops, and mark lines on the grass with a board or a rope for you to walk straight on. Set up a hopscotch area too and set a timer to time you all and see who finishes the fastest. A great way to spend a day/evening together in the sunny weather, and the kids will sleep through the night guaranteed!

5. Arts and crafts evening:

An activity as simple as painting, drawing or making things will keep your little ones occupied for the evening and allow you to all sit together as a family and enjoy each others company and creativity. Making handprints with paint is great for both parties, the little ones can relish in the rebellious mess, while you and your partner are left with handprints of the family to frame and cherish. There are so many different arts and craft ideas, you could be up all night!


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