10 things that happen to every parent on holiday

10 things that happen to every parent on holiday

1. Managing the flight over, the airport, the fights with their siblings, trying to keep everyone’s passports together and generally trying to keep sane in the airport!
2. The ‘Are we there yet question?’ fifty times before the flight even lands!
3. The war of trying to get them to sleep on a pull out or different bed in the hotel/apartment.
4. The ‘I’m bored’ declaration besides there being about three different pools, pool slides, a playground and kids club there.
5. Being asked to ‘Look at this mum/dad’ about twenty five times a day as your little one does a ‘flip’ into the pool.
6. The kids waking up even earlier than usual because the hotel curtains aren’t black out or even close to shielding light.
7. The lines for slides at Aqua Centres, in the glaringly hot sun….please no
8. Trying to get the kids to nap or go to bed at the same time..it’s not happening is it?
9. Having to apply sunscreen to numerous faces and bodies every time they get out of the pool ( a lot)
10. Trying to relax and enjoy your holiday too but still keeping one eye open on every child while they’re in the pool.

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It can be hectic to say the least, but we wouldn’t change our family time abroad for the world. Happy holidaying!

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