10 small moments all parents look forward to

10 small moments all parents look forward to

We love our kids endlessly, but they do rely on us for everything. And while we don’t begrudge them anything, there are some small moments all parents look forward to. For example…

1). When they figure out how to open their own Capri Sun, without spilling it and breaking the straw.

2). When you wake up and realise that the kids are still asleep … Bliss.

3). When you think you have forgotten to bring spare nappies but find one lurking at the bottom of the changing bag. Success!

4). When the marker stains the kids have all over their hands after an afternoon of being artists finally washes off.

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5). Figuring out who the actor is who voices your children’s favourite animated character in a film. This one can annoy us for days before we figure it out.

6). Putting down your kids after having carried them for a long time. Can you say back pain?

7). Cleaning their runny nose.

8). Matching all their tiny socks when you are folding the laundry.

9). Going to the bathroom. Alone.

10). When they tucker themselves out and fall asleep for the night.

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Originally posted 2015-03-04 14:26:15.