10 Hilariously awkward parenting moments

Toddlers never fail when it comes to embarrassing the life out of their parents and if you can’t relate to these hilarious parenting moments as told by parents themselves you will most definitely laugh out loud.

Our advice? Don’t have any tea in your mouth because you may end up spitting it out! These stories are just too funny!

1) “I’d taken my 3-year-old daughter to the bathroom at a restaurant when the person next to us farted pretty loudly. My daughter yelled out, ‘Wow, mom, did you hear that huge fart? Who farted so loud?’ We stayed in the stall until she left the bathroom.”

—Ing C Ap, Facebook

2) “When my son was 3 he walked into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. Clearly amazed by my nakedness, he said, ‘Mommy, I like you goobies.’ Then, cupping his hands to his chest, he said, ‘How about you jump around a little bit?’ Just then my 7-year-old daughter walked by and said, ‘He’s a pervert.’ I was mortified.”
3) My 4-year-old son told my friend, ‘My mom said you have the messiest house she has ever seen.’ Thankfully, my friend helped me through the embarrassment by replying, ‘You are very bad at keeping secrets.’”
—Cheryl Wittenborn Esslinger, Facebook

4) “One day my co-worker had smelly gas all day long, and though she tried to be sneaky, I definitely smelled it. I mentioned this to my kids that evening because I knew it would make them giggle. Wouldn’t you know it that several days later my 7-year-old came with me into work and said to the aforementioned co-worker, ‘Why do you fart all day? My mom told me you fart all day and she smells it!’”
—Kerrie Hunziker, Facebook

5) “When my almost 3-year-old twins started getting erections, I made the mistake of calling it a baby boner. Later, one of the boys got an erection when I was changing him, then ran out and proudly announced to our house cleaner that he had a baby boner.”
—Jill Corddry, Facebook

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6) “My 4-year-old son was playing on my husband’s phone and uploaded a Snapchat video of my boob hanging out (I had just finished nursing my daughter and hadn’t put it away yet). It had multiple views, but I never got the courage to see who looked at it.”
—Megan Roberts, Facebook

7) “My almost 3-year-old daughter was trick-or-treating. When she received her candy she continued to stand there, then looked up at the man and informed him, ‘I’m peeing.’”
—Niki Ballard Fleischman, Facebook

8) “I farted in line at Walmart, and it ended up being really loud and smelly. I blamed it on my 2-year-old by saying, ‘Wow, baby, you have a really stinky butt today!’ He replied, ‘No, mama, that was YOU!’ Everyone knew.”

9) “My husband and I had an expensive electric toothbrush, and my son wanted one, but since they were about $100 I suggested that I just buy him a brush head so he could try ours first. In the middle of a very crowded Target he shouted, BUT I WANT MY OWN TOOTHBRUSH!’”

10) “While waiting in line at the grocery store my 3-year-old son had his hands down the front of his pants. When I quietly asked him to take his hands out of his pants he yelled, ‘But my penis won’t go down!’”

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