10 beauty product must-haves for mums on the go

10 beauty product must-haves for mums on the go

Being a mum means time is usually of the essence! We don’t always have the leisurely time we’d like to spend on a beauty regime, so we have the 10 most simple and easy beauty products to make sure you’re topped up on to make life that little bit easier while still allowing you to have a great make-up routine.

Brow brush

Brow worries are a thing of the past! A brow brush an be used with one hand (perfect for multi-tasking mums!), and colours and brushes the eyebrow into shape at the same time. It’s a win win!

Tinted body moisturiser

A tinted moisturiser is a perfect and easy way to keep your body moisturised but gain a lovely bronzed glow at the same time. A gradual tan build up will last longer so you don’t have to re-apply after a few days and the moisturiser will reduce any flakiness that sometimes happens to our skin as a result of tan’s drying us out.

Dry shampoo

The Godsend beauty product of the decade! If you’ve never used it before, where have you been!? You’re in for a treat. Bye-bye greasy hair, hello convenience!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a super-product when it comes to beauty. Coconut oil is fabulous for the skin and hair, and can even be used as make-up remover! It can lighten age spots, has a natural SPF 4, soothes eczema and reduces acne and cellulite. As well as this it can also be used as a natural homemade nappy cream. Definitely a mum’s best friend!

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Eye drops

Eye drops are going to come in very handy for days where you have to go out and do your thing after little to no sleep the night before. Squeeze a few drops in each eye and voila, no redness and brighter eyes!


Tiredness, we meet again! Sleepless nights and long, tiring days don’t make for a great combination for your skin and face. Investing in a good concealer is just as important as investing in foundation to properly hide any dark circles due to lack of sleep.

Mineral make up

Mineral make-up is every mum-on-the-go’s perfect make-up solution! Light and easy to apply, your skin won’t looked caked and because it’s so light, it won’t start to melt off your skin like some heavier foundations do. Less is more here!


A good mascara is always a key product to have. We all know the wonders a little mascara can do for opening up the eyes, and of all eye-make up, we think this is the one to opt for if you’re just choosing one.

Tinted lip balm

Keep your lips moisturised while gaining a little rosy tint to them at the same time. We love the two-in-one products here, and so will all you mummies!

Leave in conditioner

For when shower time is a nuisance, but a short and sweet period of ‘me time’ as well. Shampoo while you’re in there, and condition when you’re out. Less time and gets you out quicker if baby is calling.

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