what valentine's day is like when you have kids

5 ways Valentine’s Day changes after you have kids

Before you had kids, Valentine’s Day definitely meant something different. A gift probably, a meal out, or a trip to the cinema. Or a cosy night in with your loved one and a nice bottle of wine. But now that you have your little one, your day is jam-packed with love and sweetness and joy that only they can bring. (And that’s every day you know, not just Valentine’s day!)

But this means that February 14th loses a bit of the lustre it once had when we were free and single. We pooled together and came up with the big differences we have noticed on Valentine’s Day since the arrival of our kids, and even if the day is slightly lacking in romance, at least we can laugh at it, right?

Your token box of chocolates

Before: A box of chocolates?! Just for me? Those were the days; a heart-shaped box of probably over-priced chocolate, but they were still amazing.

After: A box of chocolates! Oh … they have been opened. And licked. Is there one without a bite in it? No? Thanks kids, I am glad you hated the coffee one, so you spat it back in the box for Mammy to try!

A bottle of bubbly

Before: Champagne was the way to go on Valentine’s Day. If it wasn’t bubbly in a tall glass you didn’t want to hear about it.

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After: Coffee, coffee, coffee. The thing that keeps you awake long enough to spend some time together after the kids go to sleep.

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Getting a babysitter

Before: Not having to wait for someone to come over to watch your plants, furniture and ridiculously independent cat. Just walking out the front door when you’re both ready.

After: The babysitter has a new boyfriend so she can’t watch the kids tonight. “Darling, did you ask the restaurant if kids are allowed?”

The romantic card

Before: The card was so dramatic, romantic, and (dare we say it?) poetic. You read it at least twice.

After: It’s handmade from the kids (these are the best ones!) and our partner has given us…another card! Albeit this one containing apologies for them always hogging the covers at night time (and yes, we love these ones too!)

Breakfast in bed

Before: Breakfast in bed, with freshly squeezed orange juice and a rose.

After: Breakfast in bed, with the kids who jumped on you at 6 am, and demanded toast. It is amazing just how much peanut butter your duvet can actually absorb.

Either way, before or after kids, Valentine’s Day should be spent with the ones you love, both of the big and small variety. Kids may change what Valentine’s Day means, but they also bring a whole lot more love along with them.

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