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7 ways to save on your family holiday

The weather has well and truly turned from Autumn to Winter and it’s got us itching for a holiday. The only thing left to do is book one! But how can we avoid sky high prices now that the season has changed?

Keep calm and research

This is key to getting a good deal. Check the papers every week,  scan the web for online deals, sign up to travel company ezines and compare quotes.

Tip! Remember to clear your cache (delete those cookies!) before making a final booking as almost all websites will increase the price if they know you’re already interested (so to speak!).

Choose wisely

The cost of living varies from country to country so do your homework and choose somewhere your budget will cover. Places like Croatia, Bosnia, Poland and Bulgaria all have beaches, plenty to explore, and your money will go a lot further, while Lanzarote and the Canary Islands are out of season and ripe for the taking (or booking).

Book well in advance or wait until the last minute

Anything in between will usually be more pricey. Well in advance is better if you are tied to certain dates.

House sharing

This is perfect for families. If you know someone abroad it is always an option but if not check out Home Exchange or Airbnb. You can make great savings on accommodation through these websites and give you and your family the freedom to come and go whenever you please which can sometimes be tricky in hotels.

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Read here for top tips on using Airbnb to it’s fullest!

Turn away from the packaged holiday

Yes, they usually have great deals but not all the time. We recommend buying flights and accommodation separately too.

Find out

Parenting chat rooms are great nuggets of information and advice. No-one knows better where the best places are for families or how to get value for money than other parents. Netmums have pages upon pages of travel ideas from other families and weddingsonline is another great forum to check out.

Pre-book holiday trips

This is a definite cash-saver. There is no doubt about it, especially if you’re planning a trip to Florida, Disneyland Paris or any other popular park.


Have any other tips? Share them with us!

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