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Speech development milestones

The age at which children learn to talk can vary widely. Some children are simply just late developers. There are lots of ways to encourage speech development – reading to your toddler being the most important and beneficial also give your toddler lots of opportunities to communicate and be patient. The below speech development milestones are a […]

Nosebleed all you need to know

A nosebleed is bleeding from a blood vessel coming from the front part of the septum, or further back in the nasal cavity. Blood vessels in the nose are very soft and any interference with them, however slight, can cause the nose to bleed. While most nosebleeds occur for no obvious reason, there are a […]

Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross

Keep your little ones safe with the British Red Cross’ Baby and Child First Aid app. Packed with useful videos, easy to follow advice and a test section – it’s absolutely free and simple to download. Also features a handy device enabling parents to record their child’s medication needs. Get this essential app on your […]

Toddlebox: do’s and don’ts of a fussy eater

If your toddler is a fussy eater you may be aware of how easily mealtimes can turn into a nightmare of refused food, tantrums and frustration. Fortunately, most toddlers grow out of the problem and eventually learn to eat a variety of foods. Learning to eat is like any other learning process – it takes […]

Boots Ireland Launches New Parenting Club

Boots Ireland has launched Boots Parenting Club which is available to expectant mums and parents of children aged up to 3 years old across Ireland. Boots Parenting Club is an online resource and hub of information which also offers fantastic value to members. Parents who sign up for the Parenting Club not only receive 10 […]

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