Miracle Baby of the Year sponsored by Sudocrem

Do you know a baby who has come into the world against all odds? It could be pregnancy complications, years trying to conceive or a premature birth. We want to recognise a baby who ultimately overcame all challenges and is now a thriving, healthy little boy or girl (aged zero to 12 months)

Child Hero of the Year sponsored by GloHealth

We want to reward a brave, heroic, and unique child through this award. This child may be recovering from a life-threatening accident or battling a serious illness. If you know a child who has shown remarkable strength and an unwavering positive attitude in the face of an ordeal, tell us about this young hero.

Business Parent of the Year sponsored by eumom

Starting a new company or running your own business isn’t easy at the best of times, and it can seem nearly impossible when you have to contend with sleepless nights, nappy changing and toddler tantrums. We would like to hear how you or a friend successfully manages your hectic business schedule around being a parent.

Mum of the Year sponsored by Maxi-Cosi

Every mum is an unsung hero: juggling kids, housework, homework and cooking on top of everything else! Mums are supportive, comforting, positive, and always put their families first. We want to hear about an extraordinary mum whose hard work and commitment to her loved ones is truly inspirational.

Dad of the Year sponsored by Next

Do you know the best dad in the world? We want to hear about dedicated fathers who go that extra mile to spend quality time with their children by showing outstanding support through a particularly tough time, or working extra hard and defying all the odds to provide for their family. Tell us their story!

Grandparent of the Year sponsored by Irish Daily Mail

Grandparents are playing a much bigger role in family life these days and we want to celebrate those inspirational grandparents who have worked tirelessly to support their grandchildren. They may have assisted in raising their grandchildren, exerted a positive influence through quality time, or helped a young family through a difficult period. Tell us about the outstanding grandparent(s) you know who truly deserve recognition.

Super Sibling of the Year sponsored by SMA Toddler Milk

We want to recognise the best brother or sister in Ireland! They may have helped their sibling through an illness, help them with their homework on a daily basis or are simply just their best friend or a huge support to their parents with an unwell sibling. If you know a child like this, we want to know.

Nurse of the Year

Do you know a remarkable nurse who has acted beyond the call of duty? Are they proficient, understanding and supportive of their patients’ needs? Why not recognise their wonderful contribution by voting for your Nurse of the Year?

Paediatrician of the Year 

Your child’s paediatrician plays such an important role in your family’s life, providing expert medical advice and addressing your concerns. We want to honour a paediatrician who is particularly supportive, compassionate and who always goes beyond the call of duty. Tell us about your outstanding paediatrician today!

Obstetrician of the Year

Informative, attentive and reassuring; these are some of the words used to describe Obstetricians. Guiding you through your pregnancy, they are often a reassuring presence in the lead up to your child’s birth. Tell us about the vital role they played in bringing your child into the world. We want to hear your story!

Midwife of the Year sponsored by Caldesene

Caring, supportive, compassionate and encouraging; these are just some of the words used to describe midwives. We want to recognise a midwife who has gone beyond the call of duty to care for new parents and infants. Does your midwife deserve recognition?

Public Health Nurse of the Year sponsored by NUK

Caring, patient, supportive and adaptable are just some of the words used to describe public health nurses. We want to recognise a public health nurse who has gone above and beyond for their patients when they needed it most. We want to hear your story!

Pharmacist of the Year
Young Achiever of the Year sponsored by Canavan Byrne

We are looking for a super sports star, a talented musician or a child who is wise beyond their years in their ambitions and achievements. If you know a talented child, no matter what the discipline, nominate them today!

Outstanding Achievement of the Year sponsored by Electric Ireland Powering Kindness

This award is presented to an individual who has achieved something spectacular for the good of others. This award was launched in 2013 as we received a phenomenal amount of entries for people who were completely selfless in their actions and their ability to give.