Australian blogger posts message encouraging “nakedness” around children

Australian mummy blogger Constance Hall has made waves with a controversial new Facebook post urging mothers to embrace being naked around their children. Defending her opinion Hall says, “I don’t want my boys expectations of women to resemble those they have seen in magazines or TV nor do I want my girls expectations of themselves to be the same.”

Constance hall post 2

Hall is often open and extremely frank about her views on motherhood and this post proves no exception. She draws attention to the barrage of perfect images women are bombarded with daily and says these images cause “self doubt and depression” before signing off by saying, “If you have stretch marks, a hairy minge, saggy boobs, a flat bum, smile lines, a wobbly belly, cellulite, a tiny chest, or any other REAL women women traits, the world needs to be flooded with your image. THE WORLD IS DESPERATE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL IMAGE.”
She has received many comments rejecting this notion of nudity around children, with many voicing a need for modesty in order to teach a child self respect for their body.

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Constance response

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Yet, the majority of the response has been positive and in support of the opinion. So far the post has received 51K likes on Facebook and has been shared an impressive 4,762 times.

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You can take peek at the original post here or visit her website for similar posts.